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Why Need an Account for Web Monetization and How to Connect It ?

So in my previous post told how to get verified on Uphold for getting an payment pointer.

Why Need Coil Account If there is Already Payment Pointer

Payment Pointer is Like only address for payment like an qr code that need to be scanned.

So Consider The Uphold As an Wallet Only Like Stripe, Paypal, Google Pay and Many More.

So if we are an creator then we need to Sign Up On as a Creator to Get Payment from People.

How Coil Works and Why Send Us Money

In The World There are many people who love to read articles about any technical topics and mostly like some creators also, but they have a wish like they should help an Creator by small Ammount if Possible.

So These people just buy an membership of which is as of now 5 USD per Month and Add the Coil Extension to there Browsers.

So Think Like as if you are coil member who have active membership and read articles on for a hour.

Then the Coil in background checks is it the Pointer on Site is Conneccted to Coil if yes then it sends very small ammount to that pointer as the time spend on the article.

Is there any Alternatives to Coil

No, as i Researched but maybe any other services which will built in future.

So What Should We Do Now

Go Create an Payment Pointer. then Create an Creator Account on It and Connect your Payment Pointer Account to It.

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