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Getting Verified On Uphold for an Indian User

  • So as I Said In Previous Post That I Will Create an Post about the things related to Web-monetization, This is that post.

So As Per Most communities created with forem uses an payment-pointer model for webmonetization.

For Getting an Pointer There are three Services was available.

  1. GateHub : Have Only Passport Identity Verification as of Now.
  2. Stronghold : They are in Beta Version. Like Now You Had to just add your details there and they will give access to you after reviewing.
  3. Uphold : Available with Verification Service With No Widraw or Deposit Charges( As they say).

Uphold With Indian Documents

Uphold asks Us to verify ourself for crypto trading for that we have to provide our legal name and legal document.

For Legal Documents It Asks Any One of three types of Document.

  1. Driving License
  2. ID Card
  3. Passport

So If You Have Driving License or Passport you can try submitting that otherwise try id Card.

Be Aware Aadhar Card is Not Accepted by Them as my Experience, But They Allow Pan Card As Id Card.

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