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XRPL Musicians and Beta-Testers Wanted

Sonar Muse is now accepting submissions, from musicians, to showcase their music on our platform before launch. The selected artists will be given an opportunity to become beta testers and have their music showcased to the #XRPCommunity on the launch of our platform and the opportunity to have their music tokenized, as soon as we have access to XLS-20D.

Sonar Muse for Artists
Musicians who are interested can send an email to with the following info:

  • Artist Name
  • Social Media Links
  • Music Platform links
  • Max of 3 songs (No zips) with the following: • Song Name • Artwork • Artist(s) Name(s) • Genres • Link

Music of all genres is welcome.

If you have any enquiries you can join our new Telegram group Sonar Muse for Artists

Follow us on Twitter

or email us at

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