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How to participate in the Web Monetization Workshop

The countdown is on to Web Monetization workshop! And we hope you'll join us on July 28th at

There are many ways to participate in the workshop, and you can choose one or more of the options below!

1. Attend to watch the project Showcase

To attend the event and watch the project Showcase, RVSP at Only your email is required.

2. Submit topics for discussion

Is there a feature you would like to see supported in Web Monetization? Is there a challenge you have experienced working with or talking about Web Monetization? Or do you have new ideas or general feedback about the Web Monetization API, specification, documentation, or adoption? If yes, please share them, and we will curate them to be discussed during the workshop. You can create a new issue on the Web Monetization Github repo or reply below, and we will include it in the list.

3. Join the technical discussion session

The topics submitted above, alongside other community feedback received in the last few months, will be curated and discussed at the technical architecture session. The purpose of the architecture session include:

  • In-depth technical discussion on the declarative and imperative APIs
  • Discussion of community feedback
  • Update of the Web Monetization specification from agreements reached during the discussion

Session 1 will be led by Ben Sharafian, CTO of Coil, and Session 2 will be led by Marcos Caceres, Co-chair of Web Applications WG at W3C. Contact Uchi or email to receive more information.

View the schedule at

4. Showcase your project

If would you like to do a 3 - 5 minute demo of your Web Monetization project, please reach out to Uchi, reply below, or email to receive more information.

See you on July 28 at!

Updated July 8, 2021.

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Andrzej Mazur

Can't wait for the discussions, and the Showcase of projects from fellow folks!