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How to Fund Your Human Resistance Cell After the Apocalypse β€” Grant Report #2

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Project Update

The Project went great. I wrote three books: An Introduction to Programming in JavaScript: Stomping Zombies with Variables, Loops, Functions and More, JavaScript Basics: Flinging Event, Element, and Object Bombs at Zombie Heads and JavaScript Monetization API: How to Fund your Human Resistance Cell after the Apocalypse. Two of the books have been published. The third is at my editor and is on track to be published 8/1/21. I was also able to complete cheat sheets for each of the three books as giveaways.

Progress on objectives

I set out to write two books, an Intro to JavaScript and a book on the JavaScript Monetization API. During the writing process though it became clear that an additional book in between the two planned entries would be ideal for readers to be ready for the second book, the one on Monetization API.

Key activities

Each book is created and promoted in steps

  1. Research topic and write the first draft.
  2. Get feedback from an advance reader knowledgeable in JavaScript.
  3. Incorporate feedback.
  4. Send to professional editor.
  5. Make any changes, incorporate any feedback.
  6. Create ebook format.
  7. Publish ebook on Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Apple, the site and more.
  8. Promote book.

Intro and Basics have already gone through the entire process.

Monetization is currently in step 4.

Communications and marketing

I've shared the books with my email list and promoted them through giving them away (a common practice designed to help the book get reviews, thereby helping the book make more sales in the long run).

I was able to give away 2000+ books each in my promotions. On Amazon, Intro sits with a 4.1 star rating on 17 reviews and Basics has 4.6 stars on 5 reviews.

What’s next?

I'll be publishing and promoting the monetization book in August. I'm continuing to work on other books for the series, including a book of projects, a book on SEO, and a book on SVG.

What community support would benefit your project?

Giving me any feedback you have on the books would be great and telling other people about the books would also be helpful.

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Relevant links/resources

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JavaScript Basics
JavaScript Monetization API cheat sheet
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Love the cheat sheet, John!