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Web monetization as a source of empowerment to our deployers.

Last year was an incredibly difficult year, and as human beings, we always hold onto hope that a new year will be better. However, that has not exactly been the case in 2021 thus far. As the pandemic continues raging globally, and as we wait for the much needed vaccines to get to each country and into people’s arms; we are also cognizant of the fact that this is an election year for 10 African countries. As we look forward to peaceful processes in those countries, we recognize that anti-lockdown protests continue gaining momentum around the world resulting in violence, unrest, and human rights violations by some authorities.

As technological innovations emerge as being some of the most important tools in the transformation of society and more governments enabling data transparency to the people; Grant For the Web has created a way that enhances openness and independence in data distribution and monetization of content that benefits all parties involved.

Around the world, people generally use Ushahidi’s platform to help their local communities in having their voices heard on a range of issues. However, a major constraint for small organizations and grassroots groups is insufficient funding, especially when it comes to pursuing tech solutions to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency. Ushahidi’s response to this is a project to build a system through which individuals anywhere in the world can donate to their choice of sector or grassroots organization. This model allows donors the ability to vary their donations in support of specific areas of interest or passion such as election justice, health matters, gender-based violence etc; all of which are possible areas of support on our platform from the deployments that currently exist.

What is web monetization?

This is a new revenue model for the web that allows Websites to earn revenue from users without:

  1. Requiring users to sign-up to a site
  2. Advertising

With this technology, we will be able to create an opportunity with the hope that the diversity and social value of the missions run by our deployers will motivate people to want to chip in and get set up with Web Monetization if they are not yet.

More to come……..

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Hey @ushahidi team - did you know you can use your payment pointer right here in the community space? Here are instructions on how to add it to your settings.