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How payment pointers work on this site

We’re pretty excited about this community as we think it is one of the largest collections of Web Monetized users currently active on the web. This makes it a great space to experiment with payment pointers, since so many of us are active users of the tech. If you're new to payment pointers, or haven't set yours up yet, here's a tutorial.

In this community space, monetization happens on two levels. First, each individual user can set a payment pointer in their settings. For all the “public” areas of the site, we set a global payment pointer, which we can rotate as desired (see below).

When people with Web Monetization enabled in their browsers visit your posts, they'll be streaming you micropayments, provided you've set a payment pointer. When they navigate to public areas, like the landing page, they'll be streaming to the global pointer.

So who gets these global payments? We've decided to rotate the recipient on a regular basis, directing the funds to non-profit organizations that support a healthy internet – including our grantees!

Artist Rescue Trust is our first recipient. Through their recently awarded grant, this non-profit organization will provide direct relief to artists hit hard by COVID-19, and will build and launch a Web Monetization training program to teach artists how to monetize their work and run their businesses-as-artists. Read about their project.

Here's a growing list of non-profits with payment pointers. If you haven't set up your own yet, why not set one of these in your profile to give a little boost to these hardworking organizations (here's how).

No one is getting rich off this site yet 😉 – we anticipate our global pointer will generate a very modest but steady trickle of payments. But we're enthusiastic about where this could lead!

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gFam • Edited

This is a great idea! We use the Chrome Browser Extension PayTrackr which provides quite a bit of information on who and how much you're paying out of your subscription... love the idea of rotating pointers, that's awesome.

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Mathew Safford • Edited

Great idea about using the payment pointer of a non-profit!

As gFam mentioned, the PayTrackr extension is a great way to track the web monetization payments you make to each site/service you use that is web monetized.

Another good tip is to use a unique payment pointer for each site/service you earn web monetization payments on so you can more easily track where your web monetization earnings are coming from.

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Xander Jake de los Santos

how can I create multiple pointers?

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Mathew Safford

We created a video about this here: