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Update on non-profit recipients

A few months have passed since we first began directing micropayments from this site to non-profit recipients.

Our first recipient, Artist Rescue Trust, an early grantee, received ~$142 USD over the period of December to March, which is around $47/month. This community space was newly launched, with only ~200 users during that time.

Our second recipient was Contract for the Web, who received ~$49 USD over March and April, or around $24/month. This was a fairly active period in the community space with many grantees posting interim reports and 46 posts made for the MozFest project showcase. With 3-400 users now in the space, we expected to see the payments grow compared to the previous months. Possible reasons they didn't is that more users set their own payment pointer and/or fewer users had an active Coil account.

Our current recipient is Ushahidi, also a grantee. As of today, there are 440 users in this community space so we're very curious to see what payments are generated for Ushahidi over the coming two months.

What are your thoughts on this fluctuation? Any ideas for driving more engagement–and more micropayments to our non-profit recipients?

Remember, if you haven't set a payment pointer in your settings, you can add your own or choose from this list of non-profits. Any time Web Monetized users read your posts, they'll be streaming payments to the pointer you've set!

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Radhy • Edited

Happy to say that I'm one of the posters who contribute to that Contract for the Web's ~$49 USD WM revenue! My contribution isn't much, since my three posts in this community barely touch 100 hits (I think I began to put the payment pointer back when Mozfest happened); but hey, everything counts, happy to see my posts generated something even if it didn't come to my wallet.

I encouraged everyone who failed at Interledger-supported wallets' KYC or just not set up their wallets for any reason, to put these non-profits payment pointers to their profiles, since nobody will lose anything by doing that!

As for the non-profit payment pointer, I see the list still isn't separate into categories for easier read, but again, we don't have many non-profit organizations listing their payment pointers besides web/tech-related orgs anyway. Looking forwards to see more traditional non-profits organizations joining in, like Red Cross and others (unfortunately, I don't know anyone in my place working on related orgs to refer to this).

Speaking of the list, can you guys just put the link to non-profit payment pointer list's page somewhere in Web Monetization's documentation @erikad ? Since XRP Tipbot sunsetting I'm pretty sure many of us, not just community members, would like to see other options for easy-to-use payment pointers since not everyone can migrate to Uphold and Gatehub (I'm for one still waiting for Uphold's support for Indonesians here).

Personally, though, what I wish to see features coming to non-profit orgs involving in the Web Monetization community would be support for open and transparent version of digital wallet Γ  la OpenCollective; it will be so much better if we can see how much money we contribute through the non-profits payment pointers and where's that money's going. It's like becoming financial contributors for these organizations but instead of donating money we donate time and efforts creating content that benefits many through the non-profit channels (as currently, it's impossible for me to know the impact of putting non-profit org's payment pointer to my account until I'm seeing this post here).