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Just A Meme Podcast (First Batch)

Hi all,

We are super excited to announce the launch of our podcast Just A Meme (JAM for short) where we look at building and using better business models for the internet.

There will be more to come but here is our first season(ish) featuring many of the Grant for the Web grantees.

I'll do a brief intro below but you can find the episodes here:

Web Monetized Link || YouTube || Anchor || Spotify

Please like, subscribe and comment on any you watch as it'll let the algo's know we're doing good stuff and get the word out faster!

How you can help!

We are interested in talking to all of the Grant for the Web community. From looking through the Grantees list there are some amazing projects and we believe each one of you guys has something great to share.

So if you would like to be on the podcast hit the "Podcast Me" button on the side of this post or sign up here

Why Just A Meme

First off thought it would be good to explain the name!

One of the cofounders came up with the idea (based on the phrase it was all just a dream - the blockchain ecosystem has many ethereal qualities sometimes) and we all liked it as a nod to pop culture in tech, specifically blockchain and crypto where the meme game is especially strong.

A core component of some crypto businesses community outreach is meme generation - see Near, DeFi in general.

Meme’s also seem to have this way of making stuff a bit more light hearted and that’s what we are going for to help make it more accessible for non-crypto fan.

You can get my brief intro here to the series: Web Monetized Link / YouTube

Now for the episodes...

The Episodes To Date

Casey at Ballet Rising

First up was Casey joining us from Ballet Rising. We spoke about what the future holds for Ballet, and how people can monetize performing arts through micropayments.

JAM#2: Casey at Ballet Rising on using crypto to tap into massive dance interest across the globe

All episodes here: Web Monetized Link || YouTube || Anchor || Spotify

Their Grant for the Web project is described as:

Ballet Rising
Producing Web Monetized videocasts, short films, feature articles, and interviews that showcase how global cultures are reshaping the ballet world. The performing arts, especially dance, typically rely on live, in-person audiences to showcase their work and to monetize artistic creation. Online, most performing arts groups offer their content for free. We believe that Web Monetization technology presents an opportunity to revolutionize the performing arts industry, bringing arts to broader audiences than could ever attend theatres and providing new streams of income for creators and performers.

Check out more from Casey and the team here:
Ballet Rising ►

Will and Dulce from Immers-Space

Will and Dulce then joined us from a snowy USA. Their company, Immers Space is building a truly decentralised metaverse.

The Metaverse is a serious hot topic. While it's very early days, I believe we have some crucial design decisions needed to be made that could shape the next decades (see Ready Player One for a pessimists view).

JAM#3: Will & Dulce from Immers Space on building a truly decentralised metaverse for creators

All episodes here: Web Monetized Link || YouTube || Anchor || Spotify

Their Grant for the Web project is described as:

Immers Space: Experience the Immersive Web Together
Immers Space is helping to create the metaverse: a cross-platform and decentralized social network for the Immersive Web. It embraces open standards, enables self-ownership of data and content, and creates alternative business models for content creators that protect user privacy.

Check out more from the team here:
Immers Space ►

Hessel from The Tribe of Noise

Next up, from the Netherlands, we had Hessel join us from The Tribe of Noise where they are trying to help independent artists to make money.

JAM#4: Hessel from The Tribe of Noise, Web Monetization: Impacting the DIY Music Industry

All episodes here: Web Monetized Link || YouTube || Anchor || Spotify

Their Grant for the Web project will integrate Web Monetization into the platform while leading a community discussion about how creators and users can benefit from Web Monetization tooling built on open and sustainable web standards. The PR is here.

Check out more from Hessel and the team here:
Tribe of Noise ►
Free Music Archive ►

Adam on building gFam Live

Adam, from 'straya (aka Australia) now based in Oregon, is the founder of the next version of Instagram allowing creators to monetize their content in exciting new ways

JAM#5: Adam on building gFam Live, social networks, web monetization, blockchain empowering creators

All episodes here: Web Monetized Link || YouTube || Anchor || Spotify

Their Grant for the Web project builds on the platform and is described as:

Building gFam, a Web Monetization application designed for consumers to directly support creators, on a platform without advertising nor fees. Creators can post a short story of their day, their thoughts, their creative processes, their training, their adventures, or their struggles along with a selfie/photo… which can then be tipped on by their fans/friends/audience. Tips are transactions solely between the consumer and creator on posts or comments. Creators can also receive micropayments when Coil Subscribers spend time on their posts. The web application uses the XUMM payment mobile application that runs on the XRP ledger to process and settle the tip payments in real-time.

Check out more from Adam and the team here: ►

Andrzej from Enclave Games

A while back I spoke with Andrzej from enclave games. We had a great chat about looking at using web monetization to bring new revenue streams to indie gaming

JAM#6: Andrzej from Enclave Games talks Web Monetization in gaming and what's next for crypto gaming

All episodes here: Web Monetized Link || YouTube || Anchor || Spotify

You can read about their project here

Check out more from the team here:
Enclave Games ►
Js13k ►

Benny from Consistent Me

Lastly Benny swung by the recording studio (a zoom call) from Thailand. Benny's blog Consistent Me is the home of working on a New Approach to Sharing Knowledge on Websites Enabled by Web Monetization

JAM 7: Benny on life as a digital nomad, microcontent + web monetization and on demand learning

All episodes here: Web Monetized Link || YouTube || Anchor || Spotify

Their Grant for the Web project is described as:

Building and experimenting with a new approach to sharing knowledge on the web, enabled by Web Monetization, that will allow users to have full access to a creator’s shared knowledge, paying them in a pay-as-you-use manner.

Check out more from the team here:
Benny's landing page ►
Benny's blog ►

Stay Tuned

That's it for this post. As always we would love to hear from you, please do not hesitate to get in touch in the comments or message us.

Links to the series again:
Web Monetized Link || YouTube || Anchor || Spotify

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My name is Greg Hannam and I am the commercial lead at Vivid IoV Labs. We are a team of 8 working on building next gen apps and helping to create a more inclusive internet by leveraging micropayments and other web 3 technologies.

This mission has led us to start this podcast so we can interview the best and brightest in the web 3.0 space, raise the profile of lesser known content creators and all with a focus on building and using better business models for the internet.


The startup formed from the winning team of UCL and Ripple’s Block-Sprint 2019. Vivid IoV Labs are focused on consumer-facing applications of micropayments and creating a more inclusive internet by leveraging web 3 technologies.

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gfam profile image

This was a really fun conversation and like Casey, super excited to hear about what all the other projects are doing. Thanks for keeping us all working together Greg and Ben! It's an excellent series!

casey_herd profile image
Casey Herd

Looking forward to watching the other podcasts!

end3r profile image
Andrzej Mazur

Thanks so much for doing the podcasts - I really enjoyed participating, and now going to listen to the other ones!