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Vonna Wolf— Travel Grant Report



Vonna Wolf with Beats By Girlz Global from Denver, CO I had an interest in gaining a better understanding between the backend payment/wallet gateways and the code languages being used by the sites deploying these. A better understanding of how the funds move once opened at the technology and monetary connection points. What types of websites connect and how they are structured on the backend .
In working with Beats By Girlz Global and running the Beats By Girlz Denver chapter ,teaching artist and creative, understanding how multiple project points, can be leveraged across platforms, users and projects reinforcing the community and individual interactions for each point. From public and private pages and how they can be linked by various points for maximum engagement.

Key highlights about your participation at the Summit

As I make my way down the corridor, the jams start to fill the air and yhea a "girl DJ, girl DJ!!“
Yhea, Beats By Girlz Global Team spotted!! BBG in the HOUSE!!!
Coil Team spotted! I was able to ask some questions and talk MAX for a while!
I knew more than I thought, about tech and monies in general. I was able to briefly chat with Arunjay Katakam & a man named Galaxy from India and I have a son named Galaxy, how wild! I know I’m where I’m supposed to be, the universe is confirming that. The entire crew he was with was very informative and I learned a lot about email security and cyber security. I had the opportunity to meet several students that will be presented their capstone projects at the conference.

Highlight your key takeaways from the Summit

  • Interledger smart contracts
  • V. A. Siris, D. Dimopoulos, N. Fotiou, S. Voulgaris and G. C. Polyzos, "Interledger Smart Contracts for Decentralized Authorization to Constrained Things," IEEE INFOCOM 2019 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS), 2019, pp. 336-341, doi: 10.1109/INFCOMW.2019.8845275.
  • Front running

Dinner and dancing at the The Orpheum Theater theater was awesome and allowed for connection with individuals, that I didn't have a chance to interact with during sessions. The architecture of the space was breathtaking! The moldings and giantess of the walls.It was really cool to hear the female DJ again!

I was able to connect with an individual who in their community have begun offering information to individuals in the town and have seen a huge reduction in email fraud in their area.

So much information to process! The payment pointers were interesting. Michael Richards was great!

  • Monetization protocols bringing fairer digital future.
  • Hacker room & physical QR Code rocked!
  • Snake Nation Why Gen z
  • Loved Snake Nation
  • White Paper process was a new experience.

What an awesome adventure, it has me hungry. We grabbed some Thai, listened to some music and enjoyed the last of our time in the magical city of New Orleans.

Web monetization provides access for those with creative energies and drive to manifest creativity, the opportunity to engage in opportunities for earning. Upon earning creativity can be reengaged in real life and online highlighting multiple components of video, story, art, deployment and evaluation of process. Snake Nation is a good example of this.

Indicate topic(s) if any, you thought could have been covered but were not.

I was hoping to find out more about Cinnamon.

Let us know how you might be interested in participating in ILPSummit2023.

Beats By Girlz presentation

What have you done post-Summit to showcase your participation in the Summit?

Discussed with team mates on next steps.

Develop a plan with the Beats By Girlz Global Team.

Relevant links/resources (optional)

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Chris Lawrence

Great reflection @vonnawolf13 The company behind Cinnamon has basically stopped building that product, so there isnt much to talk about with that. Did you know you can put a Payment Pointer on a YouTube page? Or on Twitch and their is an experiment with Medium? I am sure @ericahargreave or @devcer can explian more.

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Vonna Wolf

Thank you! @chrislarry Yes, I have had success getting the YouTube pointer set up!