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Hello from the browser side

Hello! I'm Sid, an independent software developer and a technical scholar for Grant for the Web. I am exploring how Web Monetization can be integrated into a web browser, in this case, Mozilla Firefox. For Web Monetization to become viable, native support in browsers seems somewhat critical.

The goals of this project are two-fold:

  • Create a reference implementation of the Web Monetization specification in Gecko/Firefox (Desktop). This would allow the WM community to evaluate the implementability and feasibility of Web Monetization in a browser's engine. This would also allow the WM community to see what existing web infrastructure can be leveraged and also figure out if any new technology or protocols are needed - and things that may need to be standardized.
  • Verify the specification through implementation, which allows us to inform the standardization process (i.e., what is and isn’t feasible, as well as anything that might be under-specified).

Let me know in comments if you would like additional details on the scope of the project. In my next post, I'll share details on the progress we've made so far and where we're headed.

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Chris Lawrence

Sid, thanks for the post. This community is going to be keenly interested in your research.