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ILF Summit Appreciation

Image descriptionOne of the most enriching aspects of the summit was the opportunity to connect with a diverse array of individuals. Having been a part of this global community for a few years, my interactions were previously bound to virtual screens. The experience of finally meeting fellow community members in person was both gratifying and inspiring.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the ILF team, including Ayesha, Julaire, Chris, and the numerous others who diligently contribute to the seamless functioning of ILF on its impressive scale. Special recognition is due to Briana, Flo, and Ginny for their exceptional contributions. My apologies for any oversights, as this marked my inaugural conference attendance.

Beyond the remarkable efforts of the staff, I was captivated by the chance to engage with other ILF grantees and gain insights into their impactful work. Witnessing the pace and scale at which companies operate, in this (relatively) nascent fintech domain, was truly awe-inspiring and a testament to their resilience.

Meeting professionals involved in regulatory efforts, government initiatives, and groundbreaking developments was equally beneficial. I am eager to contribute and collaborate on these fronts to make meaningful contributions.

The Future Money Open Studio arts exhibit was a personal highlight for me. As someone who appreciates the arts, the inclusion of a gallery featuring contemporary artists interpreting the theme was a delightful addition to the event. To all the talented artists who presented their work, your unique perspectives were truly appreciated, and I am grateful for the inspiration you provided.

Once again, thank you for orchestrating such a remarkable summit. I look forward to continued engagement with the ILF community and contributing to its mission in any way I can.

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gFam looks super impressive Addy!

I could see a ton of use for this concept for content creators who want to give out free samples of their work to particular people or groups as a sample of their content (or when they really want a particular piece shared). Excited to see where you both take this!

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Adelya Latifulina

Thank you! (pardon the holiday break delay).

Lmk if you think someone who would be interested in beta testing, we area currently open for pilot programs!