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Gib (Round 1) β€” Grant Report #1

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Project Update

Our project, Gib, was inspired by the financial inclusivity that is core to the Web Monetization philosophy and its revolutionary architecture. Gib is designed to use the Web Monetization standard and the Interledger Protocol in a simple component - facilitating the sharing of premium web content. Think of Gib like a gift card for the monetized web.

One of the first items on our agenda was a Product Roadmap (pictured above). Our roadmap includes an itemization of our deliverables, including:

  • Personas
  • Epics
  • Research documentation
  • Architecture documentation and diagrams
  • Functional, qualitative, and design specifications
  • Blogs
  • Initial and revised product build

Progress on Objectives

Aside from the Product Roadmap, we've created our Personas and fleshed them out with User Stories. We care deeply about empathizing with future users, so a design-thinking, human-centered approach is important to us.

We have also completed functional specs, a data flow diagram, and laid out our testing schedule.

Like all good virtual teams, we've set up a project management system to track our progress (GitHub project boards, in our case). Here we've begun to list our upstream requirements, as well as noting the various UML diagrams that will help us build.

All of our project assets are currently hosted privately, but in the near future we will move all assets to a public location and will share links.

Key Activities

We're currently finishing up our Architecture and Design Phase. In the coming weeks we will share all of the assets we're created!

Communications and Marketing

We plan to use our website, to share the good word of Web Monetization, and Gib, with the public.

What’s Next?

Once we've completed Architecture and Design Phase we're on to test driven development!

What Community Support Would Benefit Your Project?

We look forward to collaborating with members of this community to help us test Gib in coming phases of production. :)

Adelya & Alex

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Adelya Latifulina

Very cool Will, thank you for reaching out and sharing your work! We are looking forward to collaborations and feedback. We will be in touch as our project matures.