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Community-based Micro-internships

At Bowie State University, through the support of the Interledger Foundation, we are launching a micro-internship summer program for students to collaborate with the Interledger Community and open-protocols.

At this time, we have eleven interested students who are seeking a variety of opportunities - technical and non-technical. Opportunities include research into the Solid Project, UI/UX design, community development, translation services, and interledger protocol contributions (analysis, development, and support).

Kindly let us know, by completing this Google Form, if your project/company would be interested in participating in this opportunity.

There is no expectation of pay to students - they are looking for experience, impact, and knowledge through practical and applied projects. Students come from a variety of backgrounds so the opportunities should be a broad.

I look forward to sharing with the community throughout the summer by highlighting impactful projects and students success.

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