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Discussion on: Black Web Fest x Web Monetization - Grant Report #1

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Chris Lawrence

@victoriac Have you considered the using the WM/YouTube hack for the videos? You can actually WM a Youtube videp. @ericahargreave has more details

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Erica Hargreave

Responding via email, but in case it is helpful to anyone else, the community 'Unit 2 : Getting Started with Web Monetizing Your Work' shares how to Web Monetize your YouTube Channel, which is simple and quick:

Here’s how to do that:

  • Login to Coil.
  • Click on Settings,
  • Click on Monetize Content,
  • Under Manage YouTube Channel, click on Add Channel,
  • Sign into the Google Account that hosts the Channel you wish to Web Monetize,
  • Click on the channel that you wish to Web Monetize, and
  • Finally, click Allow.