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Chris Lawrence
Chris Lawrence

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Opening the doors!

Hello to all the new people who will be joining over the next few days! I am giddy with the idea of having you all join this space, exchange ideas, learn about each other's work, brag about your project's wins, and share when things don't work.

Erika and I have been planning this space for months with the DEV team. Our goal is that it becomes a vibrant hub in the emerging Web Monetization ecosystem. Here ae a few reasons I am so excited.

  1. We have been engaging with your projects for months, we are excited to have more people interact with your ideas
  2. Being able to program the space with content and experiences that will add to the momentum of Web Monetization
  3. For the program team we can't wait to get more feedback about the program and improving the community space!

More soon, and welcome!

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Adelya Latifulina

Thank you for the warm welcome! We're late to be first posters on this platform, but we're here now! Offline, we've been working diligently on our project, Gib, and are excited to share our progress so far : )

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Erica Hargreave

Just got in my latest deadlines for my Masters last night, and now with no looming deadline hovering over me, I am excited to explore the community.

Thanks for setting this up!

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Thanks Chris! We're really excited to see everyone's progress in this potentially world-changing space...