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Santosh Viswanatham
Santosh Viswanatham

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Interledger at JSNation, Amsterdam

I recently gave a talk at JSNation 2024. This talk was particularly special to me as I was delivering a talk remotely for the first time 🌐. Also, This was my first Javascript-focused conference, and as a Javascript engineer myself, it brings me pride and joy to share my learnings with fellow JS enthusiasts. 💻✨

Web Monetization: Your New Friendly JavaScript API

My talk, titled "Web Monetization: Your New Friendly JavaScript API" is centered around the W3C Standard proposal, which most of us know as Web Monetization.

During my talk, I discussed the challenges and pain points involved in monetizing the content today such as significant privacy concerns, restrictions, and dependence on big tech, and How Web Monetization offers a refreshing alternative.🌟 I also spoke about how this API leverages the Interledger Protocol, enabling open payments and microtransactions, and providing a more efficient and inclusive path to monetize web content.🌍💸 I mentioned how this new standard breaks down barriers and incentivizes creators with a global audience, fundamentally changing the way web applications are monetized.

I also shared some personal examples of how I(being from India 🇮🇳) can buy a Medium subscription to read posts on Medium, and How I can write articles on Medium but when It comes to making money for my content, I cannot because I don't belong to the ~40 countries where Medium partner program is available, which is an unfair practice. ⚖️

Navigating the Online Speaking Experience

Delivering my talk online was a unique and rewarding experience. Although I missed the immediate feedback of a live audience, the virtual format allowed me to reach a broader audience, connecting with JavaScript enthusiasts from around the world.

You can watch my talk here If you have participated in JSNation 2024. Else you could watch the talk soon in 3-4 weeks once the talk is public.🎥

Future Prospects

Speaking at JSNation 2024 was an incredible opportunity to share my insights on Web Monetization. 🚀 The future of Web Monetization is bright, and I am excited to see how developers will harness its capabilities to create innovative and monetized web applications. As an advocate for the Open Web, I am committed to continuing this journey and empowering developers to build a more inclusive and monetized web.💪

Oh! And I got this beautiful gift pack with a handwritten note from the JSNation Team.🎁✉️

JSNation Gift pack

Looking forward for more such experiences and learnings. ❤️

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Ioana Chiorean

Thanks for sharing your experience Santosh! And I loved the talk!
The questions that you started with set the stage right and made everyone think more about the variables of payments