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Theme Ideas for our Elementari Art Contests

Hi Everyone!

I'm Nicole from Elementari, an interactive story platform geared to teachers creatively engaging their students in literacy skills and coding as they create interactive stories and games using professional illustrations and sounds (

We've been working to enable Web Monetization on Elementari for our artists and our teachers.

As we introduce our community of artists to Web Monetization, we are hosting five art contests for kids and adults, starting in October and carrying through to January.

While we have already decided on a #UseTech4Good theme for October, we'd love your suggestions for themes for our other months. All the contest entries will include a Creative Commons license on them, so given that, are their image themes that would be useful to the community as a whole?

You can take a look at our contests page at Feel free to share!

Drop your theme suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks so much!

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