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Enclave Games Monthly Report: December 2020

December was quite intense, especially from the tech speaking and networking point of view - I was actively testing my new audio/video setup.


I continued to work on the Rack Match game, played and judged all the entries from Defold’s The Web Monetization Challenge 2020, and even published my top 5 list.

Enclave Games - Monthly December 2020 - The Web Monetization Challenge top5


Published a few posts here and there, and the most important piece: Grant for the Web project progress report.

Enclave Games - Monthly December 2020 - Grant report 1


Ewa helped me by creating a few banners for our blog posts, did js13kGames planning, mockup and example page work, designed a few Web Monetization and Coil icons for our own use, and is preparing the whole set to be published soon.


Lots of events. Become a mentor in the From Junior To Senior program from Just Join IT , participated in the Vivid IoV podcast, joined A Week With Gamedev panel of the SFI Academit IT Festival , had a bunch of calls about various things related to Web Monetization , discussed Kernel Gaming Guild details, prepared and recorded the talk for the Gamedev.js Warsaw #16 meetup that happened during Warsaw IT Days 2020 , and gave a short update at the W3C Games Community Group meetup. All that with the new audio/video setup.


I finished sending, and redistributing digital js13kGames prizes, while unfortunately the t-shirt print got delayed again. I also recorded a short video for Ania Kubów to be used in her material 20 Award-Winning JavaScript Games about the best entries from js13kgames 2020 that was published through FreeCodeCamp’s channels.

Enclave Games - Monthly December 2020 - js13kGames at FreeCodeCamp

The Speaking page was updated with two new sections: Podcasts and Panels. I also started publishing updates on the Web Monetization Community portal.

Plans for the next month

Working on our Grant for the Web projects - Web Monetized games, Survey, and the eBook.

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