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Erica Hargreave
Erica Hargreave

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Is there a web monetization platform for podcasting?

Just listened to a really wonderful Podcasting 101 session put on by Storyhive and Kelly & Kelly. At the end, when they were talking about modes of monetizing, it got me wondering if there is a web monetization platform for podcasting yet?

I see that Coil lists podcasting under the things you can monetize, but in looking there, I am not seeing a specific web monetized platform. Specifically asking after an audio platform as oppose to video podcasts / vlogcasts that could be posted to Cinnamon.

Are there members here that are using web monetization on their podcasts? I'd love to hear how you are crafting this with your podcast.

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Greg Hannam • Edited

Yes -

@cyberdees put us on to it
This is what it looks like for us

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Erica Hargreave

Great. Thanks Greg.

I'm guessing it must be using something different from Coil for the web monetization? I ask as I see the Coil Browser Extension is not displaying the site as web monetized with them.