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Bi-Weekly Discussion: Have you experienced failures with Web Monetization?

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As the Web Monetization ecosystem continues to grow we want to hear from you! This week are asking a very important question...

Have you experienced failures with Web Monetization?

Let's talk about it, leave a comment here.

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Radhy • Edited

Sometimes Web Monetization event listener doesn't trigger in my webapp, which I found recently after doing a marathon of manual test of content lock in my project. It's probably an edge case since how my webapp not adopting traditional server-side rendering, and I didn't encounter it too much often after doing some investigation and adding some code to patch the bug. Even if it does happen often, a single reload usually solve the problem away.

And also I happen to underestimate adopting WM receipt verifier to my JavaScript library. Even when using readily available public receipt verification service made by Web Monetization team there are many complications to consider for adopting it such as CORS issue and extra latency to verify the Web Monetization stream as opposed to use Web Monetization raw without receipt verifier protection. I believe this is definitely be better in the future, but still I'm a bit disappointed in finding that it is not so "plug-n-play" comparing to other Web Monetization features I tried so far.

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Chris Lawrence

My fail is not being more proactive with my own creative outputs being web monetized. Partly its b/c they are podcasts which are harder to do, but still!

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Jemima Gibbons • Edited

Good question! Are you interested in non-tech issues? Although our website has Coil installed, only a tiny fraction of our visitors are Coil members. We're trying to find ways to talk about the benefits of Coil and Web Monetisation in a way that resonates with our community, and doesn't detract from our core mission. So far we've failed to find the winning formula. It's possible that there isn't one - not now, at least. It may be too soon. Sometimes things just don't work, and we need to go back to the drawing board and re-group!