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GftW Community Call hosted by Free Music Archive

Happy Monday!!

Join us tomorrow, April 19 at 9:00 am EST for the GftW Community Call hosted by awardees Hessel van Oorschot and Meghan LaclΓ© of Free Music Archive.

You’ll get to hear Hessel and Meghan discuss how they are creating avenues to empower self-releasing artists and spend time with the participants to share opinions and (our) lessons learned.

Free Music Archive (FMA) is an iconic, free to access, music portal attracting half a million visitors a day. While artists, netlabels and curators can already release their music under their own terms on FMA we want to push forward: FMA Next will empower creators and curators to engage with their audience, experiment with multiple revenue streams and stay in control of their valuable assets and data.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to gather and focus on building connections, sharing knowledge, and advancing the Web Monetization ecosystem.

To register:

I hope to see you tomorrow!

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This was a great session! Thanks Hessel and Meghan!