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GftW Grantee provides legal advice around Web Monetization

We have funded a variety of projects in our first year. Content, platforms, tools, code and research. But we have also funded projects that provide services to the emerging #webmonetization ecosystem.

One such grant was to a law firm, New Media Rights. As part of their grant you can book a session or ask questions about your projects. They are most knowledgeable about California and United States law, but can advise and connect to other resources on international topics. They shared more about their project and offer for help in this community post

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Oliver Sauter

Could they make a webinar/video talking us through the most important things we need to know?

Probably also helpful for us to know which questions are relevant to us that may need a 1-1 advice.

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Ben Marshall

good idea! this would be helpful and we would tune in

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Chris Lawrence

Yes we are going to plan some sessions with them like that.