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Grant Report Round Up! (February 9th, 2021)

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MOAR #grantreports, the wonderful deluge continues! Here are seven new ones that caught my eye since last week!

Let's get meta

This grant is the reason we are all here right now. DEV was an early adopter of Web Monetization and they used their grant to build WM into their main platform and into their Forem tool, which is what this community is built on. The WM hackathon they ran for us was a significant driver to our first open call for proposals. If you received a grant after participating in the hackathon, shout it out in the comments!

The Web Monetization revolution will be televised!

One fascinating aspect of these first grant reports is starting to get a glimpse of a new future we are all working towards. Want to help shape the future, Miles needs testers:

We could use community support by people viewing the demo videos and using the plugins on your own instance is appreciated. You could also request that instances you are active in add the plugin.

Are people stealing your face?

Award winning filmmaker Brett Gaylor is making an interactive documentary about AI, deepfakes, facial recognition software and donating all the WM profits to groups fighting back against the surveillance systems.

Web 3 learning resources with a rewards twist

Sonia takes us on a journey into their project looking to help Web 2 developers learn Web 3 technology through Porium, a distributed online learning platform designed to maximize learning by integrating a reward system using various web monetization standards.

We want brains!!

Who knew zombies and javascript were such a perfect match?

gFam works open (and we love it)

Adam at gFam is one of the best public documenters of his work we have ever seen, so doing grant reporting for him is NBD!

Drop that WM beat

There is a lot of fun and exciting WM experiments going on in the #music space. Here Kendraio details how they hope to test and build an important part of the WM music ecosystem.

Pro Tip!

To see all the reports as they roll in use #grantreports and if you are filing reports please make sure you tag your posts #grantreports so they enter that feed!

Header image: Photo by Paul Blenkhorn @SensoryArtHouse on Unsplash

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