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Your Weekly Roundup is here!

This week we put the spotlight on projects PeerPay and Black Web Fest, Black Artist Collective shares final grant report, David Lockie’s new plug-in and next week's Community Call hosted by Free Music Archive.

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Project Updates

Nestor Campos shares update on project PeerPay platform and why it’s needed

Every day it becomes more necessary for all people to access financial services, but there is a large group of people who do not meet the enormous requirements set by financial institutions.

That is why we are creating PeerPay, which, through the Interledger protocol, allows you to manage IPLv4 accounts in one place, send and receive payments, view all transfers, add an alias for each account (so as not to directly share your ILPv4 address), create payment links to share with your customers and more).

Why create PeerPay?
Because there are many people who need to access payment methods and cannot do so in the traditional system, or in the crypto world they need certain technical knowledge that they do not have.

For example, a migrant who is in a country and is in the process of regularizing her situation does not have access to a current account to send and receive money digitally to her relatives in another country. Or an entrepreneur needs to send and receive digital payments in their local currency, without the high fees that other platforms deliver.

About PeerPay
PeerPay will be a Web payment gateway dedicated to transactions between people or from people to small businesses without the possibility of integrating other means of payment in their platforms due to not being.

If you have questions for Nestor, head over to the post and leave a comment.

Victoria Coker of project Black Web Fest writes about the need for more funding for Black founders

Did you know Black founders receive around 1% of venture capital funding? I believe there are great opportunities in Web 3 for Black founders to get more funding and create more economic justice. I created an anonymous survey to assess the need and show the impact funding could make for these founders.

About Black Web Festival
Black Web Fest is an organization created to increase diversity in media and entertainment, and help Black creators build sustainable careers. We create accessible programming and services by providing them at a low or no-cost. We leverage technology to better serve our community.

To take the survey go here, your support will be appreciated.

Grant Reports

Lola Wood of The Black Artist Collective shares artists are interested in WM yet need a better understanding in final report.

We launched our platform, Black in Color, in January with a collection of art by artists who used their work as a form of activism. We featured Sophia Dawson, Brooklyn-based portrait artist, for the month of January. In February we featured Zeph Farmby and then Sophia Dawson for the month of March. The project, overall, was well received. And piqued interest in web monetization. We found that not only were the artists interested in how to monetize their work outside of the traditional model, but consumers wanted a better understanding of how to utilize web monetization.

You can read the full report at the link above. And check out to learn more about the artist’s being supported.

David Lockie builds a bridge to Web Monetization

I recently created a WordPress plugin for Interledgerthat allows anyone to Web Monetize their WordPress site as simply as possible.

I’ve been involved with Web Monetization since 2019. First, my agency Pragmatic (since acquired by Angry Creative) builtthe first iterations of the Coil WordPress plugin. Then, since April 2021 I’ve been an ambassador to WordPress for Grant for the Webas an individual.

Over those three years or so, my enthusiasm for the technology has grown but I also came to see the challenges to adoption more and more clearly. What Web Monetization does is essentially to provide an open source way to send money between digital wallets over the web.

You can read more on how David connected charitable donations to WM at the link above.

Have you registered for our upcoming GftW community events? There’s still time!

Register now for our upcoming free community events hosted by GftW awardees Hessel van Oorschot and Meghan Laclé of Free Music Archive and Gavin Chait of Qwyre on April 19 and April 25.

Free Music Archive Community Call

Join us on Tuesday, April 19 at 9:00 am EST for a Community Call hosted by GftW awardees Hessel van Oorschot and Meghan Laclé of Free Music Archive.

Project Skill Sharing Community Event with Gavin Chait

Gavin Chait of Qwyre will host the Project Skill Sharing community event on Monday, April 25 at 10:00 am EST.

You register for both events here.

Thanks for reading, see y'all next week!

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victoriac profile image
Victoria Coker

As always thanks for the support.

gfam profile image

So much happening!

Does anyone have any updated information on the roll out or timelines of the tipping button within the Coil Browser Extension?

ayeshaware profile image
Ayesha Ware
laka profile image
Alex Lakatos

I don't have a timeline, but @uchibeke probably has one!

Thread Thread
gfam profile image

Thanks Ayesha and Alex... excited to see if Uchi has any info for us...

Thread Thread
uchibeke profile image
Uchi Uchibeke

Hi @gfam, the tipping feature is available at events that Coil is part of like MozFest and WordCamp. But we are working on finalizing details of a public release and will share in the near future