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Next Community Event: Demo Party in Skittish!

Join us for the first ever Grant for the Web Community Demo Party! Every other month our Community Calls are 4-6 teams sharing demos of their work and then discussing it in small groups. We still have room for one more demo, is that you?

The Details

Purpose: To see demos, works in progress from fellow community members and make connections across the Web Monetization ecosystem.

Outcome: Community starts to see and hear each other's work, creating more opportunities for projects and ideas to flourish

Process: Hour long session in in the GftW funded Skittish virtual world/spacial chat/web monetized instance. See agenda below (subject to tweaks)


  1. Opening Circle: Ice breaker activity that highlights a feature in Skittish
  2. Demos!
  3. Discuss. Breakout room per demo for follow discussions
  4. Closing Circle: Share a takeaway!

Register Here!

Please Note: We acknowledge that for a global community this time is not friendly to all time zones so we will be recording the call to share and commit to moving these monthly meetings to varied times going forward.

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gFam • Edited

How long would this go for do you think? An hour(ish)?

For those absolutely terrible at timezones... 2pm GMT is:

6am - PDT (US)
8am - Central Time (US)
9am - Eastern time (US)
6:30pm - Mumbai time (India)
9pm - Singapore
11pm - AEST (Australia)

Ah, so I registered with EventBrite and they said it was 7am PDT... so now I have no idea... I'll just show up at 6am.

erikad profile image

@gfam I think you have may entered the wrong time on that site. On July 29, 2:00pm GMT is:

  • 7:00am Pacific
  • 10:00am Eastern
  • 3:00 pm London
  • 12:00am AEST

The call will be 1 hour long.

gfam profile image

Thanks Erika! I'm not sure what happened there... but thanks for the clarification!

casey_herd profile image
Casey Herd

Ill be on a plane to Spain but looking forward to the recap. Have fun everyone!