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Weekly Discussion Post: Call to action grant/funding opportunities

Community Member Victoria Coker shared a few opportunities for grant funding from XRPL Grants, Ripple Creators Fund and LG NOVA and opened the floor to discuss ideas on ways to use NFTs!

I just recently learned about XRPL Grant. This is perfect for technologist / developers creating projects on the XRP Ledger. :) Deadline is Oct 29th. I saw interledger and Coil mentioned in the application so I thought why not share it here:

Ripple Creators Fund <3
Also thought this grant maybe interesting for the creators in the group:

I am currently exploring ideas on way to use NFTs to help creators build an additional income stream. Anyone savvy creating NFT dev or tech id love to chat!

Many of us need additional funding for projects and ideas. Here is a funding opp I found. Best of luck :).
We’re calling on all innovators and entrepreneurs to submit their ideas, technology, and solutions to this competition.
The deadline is Oct 25, 2021, 11:59 p.m. PDT.
Get your submission in.

If you know of any funding opportunities, please share them directly in Victoria's threads.

Good luck!

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