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Weekly Round-Up Post! (February, 19th 2021)

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FMA provides valuable research on introducing Coil To Users

Wow, Meghan LaclΓ© and Hessel go deep at looking at how different sites talk about and promote Coil memberships on their Web Monetized sites. They start with the Coilsite itself but also look at Coil Imgur Emerald,
Cinnamon, Robot Butt, The Nordly
Widget Magazine, js13k, CSS Tricks,
Sally Lait, and they talk about their own site. If you are thinking about how to integrate Coil into your projects, this is a great place to start.

Open content & Web Monetization

Lauren Ellwood details where they are in their Electric Book Works project. She details their progress but also how the lack of actual Web Monetized users is meaning they are seeing little return. How do we grow an audience of users to make the ecosystem valid?

Share your opinion on the state of the HTML5 Game Development in 2021

Help feedback on where HTML5 games are at this very moment in time! You can also win cash prizes or Coil memberships just by saying what you think!

Creative Living for Dancers Grant Report!

Weaving in more #grantreports into this week's round up. Here Briana Stuart. Details all the work she has done connecting the arts to Web Monetization. Check out some the Professional Development videos she is beginning to produce. A great example of a grantee using her own skills + what you can do with the WM tools to chart her own path.

Web Monetization isn't just for "content"

Does anyone else have a deep nostalgia for Etherpad? Well we do and we are glad that James Vasile and the team at Permanent are working on Storage to the People and looking at ways that WM might enable micropayments for data based storing Etherpads!

Permanent is based in Austin, TX and our hearts go out to people in Texas suffering in freezing temperatures without heat, water and dwindling food. Echo Austin is collecting organizations that are doing direct relief if you want to donate.

Streaming video and micropayments

Juha Viitala talks about the issues and opportunities with Web Monetization and streaming video that they are uncovering as they work on their Web Monetized Multimedia grant project.

The real world isn't making any of this easy

Kyle from Sweet Life Records posts a grant report that honestly lays out the real life struggles of working on grants in the middle of Covid, with still uncertain technology and in an ecosystem still do linked to crypto currencies. We appreciate the honesty that Kyle and many of you are displaying in your reports. We are doing something new here, and it's far from easy.

Header image: Photo by Xavier von Erlach on Unsplash

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