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Weekly Round Up Post! (February, 5th 2021)

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Earlier in the week (after missing last Friday, sorry!) we did a Grant Reports round-up post. So today we are highlighting non reports. But amazing progress reports continue to roll in. To see what your compatriots are up to use the hashtag #grantreports and if you are filing reports please make sure you tag your posts #grantreports so they enter that feed!

OK here we go...

An overview of WM Strategies

Oliver from Memex Gives an outstanding overview of different strategies for Web Monetizing content. He gives descriptions, examples as well as Pros & Cons. I would suggest everyone bookmark this post. Maybe using Memex!

Global Game Jam 2021

Enclave Games provides a good overview of all the WM goodness happening at the 2021 Global Game Jam.

Dancers are leading the revolution in WM and Art

Briana Stuart Announces the winners of the Creative Living for Dancers Award. Read more about these artists here. Briana's work at helping artist be in more control of their data and ways they earn revenue is inspiring!

Hello World #1

We have had a lot of projects doing "Hello World" posts the last few weeks. Here Greg Hannam introduces us to the work of Vivid IoV Labs.

A Web Monetization Podcast!

Greg and Vivid IoV Labs weren't done! In this post they introduced us to their Podcast, Just A Meme. It already features folks in the GftW/WM community like Casey from grantee Ballet Rising and Hessel from grantee Free Music Archive. This is a must listen podcasts with more great episodes rolling out soon!

Hello World #2

Patrick from Kult Checks in to tell us about their work building a social platform for culture & entertainment content curation – a space to share and discover movies, TV series, music, podcasts (and soon books) with a passionate community. I love the idea of user curation!

We got a shout-out on the DEV mothership!

Our grantee and partner DEV posted about our little start-up community! They detail a bit of history on their relationship to WM, talk about helping us launch this one and highlight some grant reports! Check it out!

Header image: Photo by Q.U.I on Unsplash

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