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Grant Report Round Up! (February 2nd, 2021)

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We asked for grant progress reports and we got grant progress reports! Funny how that works. It is illuminating to get a public look-in to the work that grantees are doing.

One of my favorite parts is tracking all the a-ha moments, the frustration points and the new ideas that are discussed. I see lots of common themes emerging. When you read through these, what are you noticing?

Are you ready to DisCO?

This is a resource rich deep dive into this fascinating project. I think that there is a lot in their work we can start thinking about for governance methods for the new business models that Web Monetization creates.

They are seeing a (Lady) spike in their audience!

Some encouraging details here how the grant and Web Monetization are starting to increase their reach and start to attract more comedians (and their followers!) to their site and socials. Caitlin does ask a good question in her report: "I would love to hear about similar websites' Coil experience and how they have successfully encouraged readers to sign up for premium content.

When the real world needs design solutions

Jemima Gibbons brings honesty to her report about how the continuing COVID pandemic is wreaking havoc on their plans and the education sector broadly. Still, Design Club has continued to think and produce in ways that are available to them. Need evidence? Check out their beautiful Challenge Cards! Loved the public documentation, user research and community building they are doing. She wants to connect with more UK grantees. Where are our other Brits at?

Building the Web Monetization Story

Elliot and Sharon want to help the whole world get Web Monetized! These two have been tireless and creative pied pipers for almost a year. This report details the resources and tools they are building but they also share about the talks, panels and community gatherings they are involved in. Is there a warmer and more thoughtful front door to this work? Narrator: There is not.

The power of small interactions

At GftW we pride ourselves on having grantees at larger organizations with audacious projects looking to revolutionize money on the web. We equally pride ourselves on funding individuals willing to step out on the ledge, but not only by experimenting for themselves but also helping others. Rashon Massey's project specifically looks at how he better can help the next person get up to speed on using Web Monetization and building an online presence. He even started with his Mom!

Testers needed!

This is a detail rich report that gives a good look at the team's software design process and progress. They are also thinking about some fascinating ideas about how we value creative output. They need people in our community to help them test immediately, they've prepared a basic worksheet that will help with the development of their Creators’ Report. Give them a peer-assist!

We got the grant! On no, now we have to do the grant work!

Having been on the grant recipient side myself, I appreciated and laughed a bit at Mike's admission of both the excitement of getting the grant and then the reality of check of the work it mandates. We know that it is the ultimate "strings attached" situation. I really appreciate the big swings this small team is taking while still using an iterative MVP approach. They are experimenting with ideas it is essential to explore if this technology can indeed expand the business models on the web.

There is seven grant reports that should serve as excellent examples of the work in the ecosystem and demonstrate what kind of reporting we are looking to receive from our funded projects. Great work all.

Pro Tip!

To see all the reports as they roll in use #grantreports and if you are filing reports please make sure you tag your posts #grantreports so they enter that feed!

Header image: Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash

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Jemima Gibbons

Hi Chris. Thanks for citing our report! It's great to see the work others are doing in this space. We're building an MVP for Design Club remote delivery and looking forward to testing it over the next few weeks with an after-school club in West London - starting today. 12 children will be joining via their own tablets and laptops. Wish us luck!

chrislarry profile image
Chris Lawrence

As an educator by training and background (Hive Learning Network, Mozilla Webmakers, New York Hall of Science) It warms my heart to have some of the grant funds go to projects like this.

jemima profile image
Jemima Gibbons

Aww. That's lovely to know. Thank you!