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HostBeak Kreators for Africans now LIVE

After so much planning, the Hostbeak Kreators Project website is finally LIVE and we have started accepting entries! 🚀🚀
Let us know what you think:

To make the Application process smooth for users, We embedded the Application form right on the website.

Hostbeak Kreators Application Form

The Application is open to All Africans, aged 18 and above with the desire to publish content online regularly.

Requirents for Hostbeak Kreators

We will help African creators with personalized websites, their preferred domain name, web hosting and the ability to monetize their content on the web all for FREE!

Benefits to Hostbeak Kreators

There'll be trainings on payment pointers, website building, management, web hosting and more.

We have also started online campaigns, marketing and meeting with Influencers and Communities to join us in spreading the word.

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Ayesha Ware

Congratulations @ogopedia