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Hyperaudio for Conferences and GftW

As we open a new chapter with Hyperaudio thanks to GftW funding, I wrote a short blogpost on what we learned from the pilot with MozFest, why we're focusing on conferences, the fun we had with translation and a brief intro to our team.

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Hey Mark! I just read your blogpost and I gotta say there's quite some convergent evolution happening between HyperAudio and the experiments I've been working on for Waasabi. I just finished this writeup I linked, on our automated live captioning and self-contained transcript-augmentation tooling, give it a read when you had a chance and I'd love to have a chat with y'all, it would be useful to talk with folks who have done the transcript-correction UI dance before we go on reinventing the wheel once more. :)

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Mark Boas

That's great @flaki - thanks for reaching out! Also, nice article! There certainly seems to be a lot of overlap in our thinking – we've though about transcription editing and correction UI quite a lot and all Hyperaudio code is open source. Happy to chat :) Also you might be interested in joining a wider Hyperaudio related community on the Hyperaudio Slack.