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Hyperaudio for Conferences β€” MozFest 2022 Web Monetization Action Plan

Project Description

Hyperaudio for Conferences is a web monetized platform that helps make recorded conference material as accessible as possible. To do this we automatically transcribe conference videos, create interactive transcripts – providing tools to edit, translate and remix.

Often transcription is an afterthought, but we like to put transcripts first and use them to make intuitive interfaces for powering audio and video.

Remixing media from transcripts is straightforward and fun – we can further encourage the repurposing of content by adding a sprinkle of Web Monetization.


A screen capture of home page
The home page.

A screen capture of the new Hyperaudio Remixer showing a source pane and a target pane containing videos of people speaking at a conference with transcripts below them.
The new Hyperaudio Remixer.

Web Monetized Resources at MozFest

Ways in Which I Am Web Monetizing These Resources

We want to encourage and compensate the content creators that use our platform – whether they are organisers, speakers or remixers.

We've figured out a way to proportionally stream payments to speakers or content owners. This means if somebody's content is featured in a remix, they will be compensated according to how much of that content web monetization enabled browsers stream.

Conversely – the creator of the remix receives payment when the video is not playing.

We also have the payment-pointer swapping mechanism implemented in Hyperaudio Lite and our Wordpress Plugin, so that users can also add web monetized transcripts to their own websites.

Post MozFest

We're trying out a very early beta version of Hyperaudio for Conferences by encouraging session facilitators to give us permission to add their videos to

We're also planning a number of post MozFest sessions where facilitators and attendees alike can come together to edit and translate transcripts.

Once the content is in good shape, we'll open things up for remixing πŸ€—

Copy for a Tweet About My Web Monetized Resources at MozFest

Let's keep the #MozFest party going with @hyperaudio for Conferences πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Time to revisit and remix some of those amazing sessions!!

My Payment Pointer Supports this Internet Health or Social Good Initiative (optional)

Content creators who do not have a payment pointer, or wish to donate to a good cause will be asked to select from the list of social benefit payment pointers.

I'd Love the Community Support with this Project By ...

We'd love to hear from conferences that might benefit form Hyperaudio – please feel free to point them towards and our application form.

Let's Stay Connected (optional)

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Additional Comments

Thank you for this opportunity! ❀️

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Erica Hargreave

Very cool, Mark. I have a couple of additional sessions for you, if you have room for them:

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Mark Boas