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Mark Boas for Hyperaudio for Conferences

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Hyperaudio for Conferences Pilot

As we work towards getting our MVP of Hyperaudio for Conferences ready for the Mozilla Festival in March I just wanted to share a few early results with the group.

This short interview is a taster for a session which will be part of the Creative AI Space and uses the Hyperaudio Lite JavaScript Library which we're currently working on.

This is an example of Hyperaudio tech being applied to actual conference material.

Both examples include payment pointers. As we build the Hyperaudio for Conferences platform out we want to experiment with the apportioning of payments to all involved with creating a piece of transcribed media, whether it's the original content creators, the remixers or even the sharers. I wrote more about this in another post.

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Can't wait to see this in action at MozFest, Mark! We'll be doing some Grant for the Web programming at the festival and encouraging folks from this Community Space to participate. For anyone who appreciates high quality transcription (accessibility ftw!), Hyperaudio is a tool to watch.