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Announcing Interledger Summit 2023

It’s that time again! The Interledger Summit 2023 is locked in, but where will it be held?


Stay tuned to this space and participate in our “Guess the Location” series. There’ll be a clue question each day.

Let us know where you think the #ILPSummit2023 will be held.

Fun Fact! Let the guessing begin.

summit location

Here’s a quick fun fact for you. Country X, represents 5% of the world's biodiversity and has over 500,000 species of wildlife.

Tell us where Country X is in the comment section below

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chris haris

The economy of Costa Rica is diverse, with industries such as tourism, agriculture (including coffee and banana exports), electronics, pharmaceuticals, and ecotourism playing significant roles. The country has become a popular destination for travelers seeking adventure, eco-tourism, and relaxation. Costa Rica is also know as vsco mod apk known for its warm and welcoming culture, often referred to as "Ticos" (the nickname for Costa Ricans). The country has a rich cultural heritage influenced by Indigenous, European, and Afro-Caribbean traditions.

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Yusuf Dorian • Edited

Attendees can look forward to insightful keynote presentations, panel discussions, technical workshops, and networking opportunities with leading industry professionals. The event will cover a wide range of topics, including ILP use cases, interoperability, roofersofarlington, security, scalability, and the integration of blockchain and digital assets into the ILP ecosystem.

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Nyein Thiri Han

Costa Rica?

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Could it be Brazil 🤔

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Jerry Ojumah

Costa Rica