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#ILPSummit23 - the When & Where

Interledger Foundation is pleased to announce the date and location for its upcoming #ILPSummit23.


The #ILPSummit23 will be brought to you live from San Jose, Costa Rica; commencing on November 5th (Welcome Reception) through to the 8th (3-day Summit).

Will you be joining us?
We value our community support and participation. So, we are all ears! Let us know what you'd love to learn and/or experience at the next #ILPSummit23.

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karlitosn profile image
Karl Carter

Its going to be dooope! Last year was an amazing experience. We learned a ton and met a very cool ILF community of changemakers from all over the world who are working in the open payments ecosystem. And dont forget the Second line. Super cool. Looking forward to this year!

victoriac profile image
Victoria Coker

ILPSummit definitely learning about new opportunities for creators to monetize their work. Also maybe a workshop on how to use the technology or code base to develop new solutions.

julaireh profile image
Julaire Hall

Thanks Victoria, this is a great suggestion.

helenatude profile image
Helena Tude

sounds awesome! having brainstorming sessions for the creative application of the technology, in business use cases (for creators and companies!), would be nice too.

gfam profile image

It sounds amazing. Will there be any virtual opportunities for those that aren't able to make it in person?

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Vineel R. Pindi

Hi @gfam , all general sessions and breakouts will be live-streamed and recorded. The 2023 summit is designed to make most of the in-person experience. W.r.t virtual engagement, depends on the Speaker CFP submissions for breakouts and how they plan to facilitate. We'll have more details on the content after the Call For Speaker's are shortlisted/finalized.

Hopefully in future when we have a larger team and resources we can aim a hybrid event! :)

gfam profile image

Thanks Vineel, that all makes sense. Obviously a hybrid model is much harder than entirely-virtual or entirely-in-person so it makes sense to concentrate on that... but definitely appreciate the option of live-streaming... that's awesome!