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ILF Awardee FAQ

Below is information for Interledger Foundation (ILF) grantees. If you have grant-related questions that aren't covered here, feel free to ask in the comments.

What are Interledger Foundation project reports?

Project reports are a way for the Program Team to keep up-to-date on your efforts, and they're also a public and open way for the larger community to understand what projects ILF is funding.

There are two kinds of project reports: progress (or interim) reports, which are collected mid-way through your project, and final reports, which are collected at the end of your project.

Reports have two parts: a public post published to the ILF community that covers your progress, where you've struggled, and where you could use support, and a private financial update sent to the Program Team that covers how you've spent your grant money.

How do I file a public report?

Use this report template and publish it here in our community space.

Can I post my reports somewhere else?

Yes! You are welcome to cross-post your project reports on your own blog or anywhere else. However, reports must also be posted here in ILF community space as a required part of your grant work.

How do I file my financial update?

Around the 2/3 mark of your project, we’ll email you a custom link with instructions. To complete this update you’ll need:

  1. The original budget you submitted with your application
  2. A link to your published progress report

We’ll also request a final financial report when your project is complete.

When do I file my reports?

Please file a progress report midway through your project. For a six-month project, we'd like to see your progress report in Month 4.

We expect you to file a final report within 30 days of completing your project. The approval of this final report by the Program Team concludes your grant work.

These are general guidelines for the grant program. Please refer to your signed Grant Agreement for individual details on your project.

What are your expectations around reporting?

We would like an honest accounting about what you've achieved and where you struggled. The Interldger Protocol (ILP)ecosystem is new, and ILF has intentionally funded experimental ideas. This means that in addition to your successes, we understand that you'll run into roadblocks and not everything will unfold as you planned. That's OK! We want to hear about the challenges you've faced so that others can learn from your experience and the overall ILP ecosystem can evolve. You will not get in trouble if you have not achieved everything you set out to, provided you have made an honest effort.

Here is the report template

I need help with formatting my report

Reports are written in Markdown, a simple language to help format text. If you are new to Markdown, check out our guide to Markdown.

When do I receive my additional payments?

The specific payout details are in each individual Grant Agreement contract. If your contract stipulates two or more payments, you must submit both your public progress reports and your private financial update to unlock your additional payments. You’ll also need to send us invoices for each installment.

Can I change my project plan?

We understand that circumstances change when moving from a proposal to an active project and you may wish to amend the scope, goals, or deliverables of your project. Below is the process for getting these changes articulated, reviewed, and decided upon. Here are the types of changes we need to know about and approve:

  • A shift in the overall goals of your project
  • Changing, adding, or removing key deliverables
  • Changes to your milestones
  • We expect that any accepted scope change will necessitate either a budget reallocation and/or a no-cost extension.


  • Make a copy and fill out the Scope Change form and email it to
  • The Program Team will review and if approved, will add this documentation to your records. Grantee now reports on agreed-upon changes.
  • The Program Team will review and if we deem more conversation and documentation is needed, we will schedule a 30 min meeting, or make a specific request to the grantee. Upon agreement of conditions met, the grantee now reports on the updated scope.
  • Any/all further reports filed are done so given these documented changes.

Can I get an extension?

Depending on the circumstances, we are prepared to consider no-cost extensions, which will give you additional time to finish your work, but no additional funding. To request a no-cost extension, make a copy of this no-cost extension template, add your details and email

Who is my contact person?

Some institutions require grantees to indicate a contact person from the granting organization. You may list Chris Lawrence, Chief Program Officer or Ayesha Ware, Program Manager for ILF. For all grantee-related inquiries, please contact the Program Team at

When will hear back about my question or request?

The Program Team meets weekly to review all no-cost extension and budget reallocation requests. If you haven't heard from us after 7 working days, feel free to send another email.

Top comments (9)

gfam profile image

This is excellent! Thank you Erika!

Just a quick question... what does Grant for the Web consider the start date for the various projects? Was it the date of the public announcements of the different tiers, or when funds arrived in the project accounts? Or another date? I'm just asking so I can ensure I add Month 4 reporting in our project plan.

Thanks so much!

chrislarry profile image
Chris Lawrence

We consider the start date the effective date in the Grant Agreement Contract signed by both parties. But see the policy on no-cost extensions here as well about end dates. Glad you like the FAQ!

gfam profile image

Thanks! We don't think we'll need an extension at all, but it's great to know it exists! Thanks so much Chris!

matt profile image
Matthew Linares

Hi there,
A couple of questions:

1) Is there a deadline for report submission?

2) We would like to change our budget for the second time as part of our coming financial update. We are also requesting an extension.

Will it be possible to request a third budget change in future as the project proceeds? There are, of course, a few unknowns.

Thank you!

erikad profile image

Hi @matt
1) We'd like to see the report by the end of your fourth month of grant work. In your case, that looks like around the end of February. There's no hard deadline as we realize some folks are sprinting to finish up a part of their project to talk about or demo in their reports, but please try not to stray too far beyond this date.
2) Yes, you may submit more than one budget reallocation request. At this time we do not have a limit on the number of requests.

matt profile image
Matthew Linares


radhyr profile image
Radhy • Edited

I'm in a position where I needed a new bank account to receive the fund, but to open one under my name would require me to renew some documents which may take weeks to process.

Is it okay to use someone's else bank account to receive the grant fund instead? Since I'm going to use most of my salary from the fund for family expenses anyway is it more convenient if the fund sent directly to my parent's account.


radhyr profile image
Radhy • Edited

Okay, never mind this question. It turns out that my National ID which said to be expired could be used indefinitely since it's an electronic ID card (I'm not aware of this until I'm being told by someone). I just used it to open a new bank account this afternoon without any problem. So I can use my new bank account (which is under my name) to receive the grant fund at later date.

lenapagel profile image
Lena Pagel

So helpful! Thanks!