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Interledger to revamp its ILP Digital Financial Services Grant, a New Call for Proposals will Launch in April 2024.

The ILP Digital Financial Services Grant supports ideas around Interledger-driven business models that seek to build equity and inclusion within a global interoperable payments network. This grant is designed to support our vision for a world where everyone can send a payment as easily as an email.

Over the past two years, the Interledger Foundation has successfully launched two calls for proposals under its ILP-enabled Financial Services grant funding opportunity. This initiative has already benefited fourteen (14) projects across thirteen (13) countries, demonstrating the potential for transformative change. As we continue to evolve and expand, our new grant, the ILP Digital Financial Services Grant, is a culmination of previous phases (research, development, and prototyping), promising even greater opportunities for innovative ideas.

While the grant's core focus remains on becoming a node in the Interledger Network, we are also keen to incorporate the interests of those with innovative ideas that can foster greater adoption and usage within the Network, even if they have no intent of becoming an actual node. This flexibility is reflected in the two tracks we are offering for consideration by applications, empowering you to shape your proposal according to your unique vision and goals.

  • Track 1: Interledger | Enabled This grant opportunity is for existing digital financial service entities to implement Rafiki into their working financial infrastructure, resulting in a new node on the Interledger Network.
  • Track 2: Interledger | Unlocked Do you need to expand your payment options in your web-based platform? Then you could use our Open Payment APIs and take advantage of this grant opportunity. A good example of an ideal candidate for this grant is an e-commerce site or donation platform.

The application window for this grant will be four months giving interested applicants enough time to submit their proposals. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis during this time, however, applicants will not be allowed to resubmit their applications during the application window.

Further details about this grant opportunity will be made available at its launch slated for Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at noon EDT. All related resources will be accessible to all. The Interledger Foundation Program Team has also taken steps to create an application guide that will provide prospective applicants with the information that they need on eligibility and application processes so they are well-prepared to complete the application when it opens.

We invite you to connect with us via our various communication channels: Community Forum, and Interledger Slack, and join the #cfp-financial-services group for more details on this grant opportunity.

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gFam • Edited

That's a super exciting announcement!

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Benjamin Bellamy

That's great news!