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The Ambassadors Call for Proposal is now live!

Today, Wednesday June 21st, 2023, we launch the Ambassadors Call for Proposal.

The application is open and You can apply here.
We accept applications on a rolling basis. Submissions for the year 2023 will close on Tuesday Nov 21st, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST.

The Ambassadorship program has been developed to support the Interledger Foundation with identifying and lessening obstacles to entry and potential adoption of ILP.

Interledger Ambassadors goals are to work towards decreasing those divides, to identify and activate individuals in communities that have been historically excluded. All Ambassadors must support ILF stewardship of technology and standards work that advances open payment technology and financial inclusion.

To achieve this, previous Ambassadors tasked themselves with sparking innovation at the edges of communities, not with the overly served. To promote creative and innovative solutions within communities and connect them to a larger ecosystem.

This grant opportunity will award up to 5 Ambassadors for a six-month project timeline. For their dedication to this program, each Ambassador will be awarded with $30,000 USD and a stipend of $10,000 USD to implement their proposal.

We are looking for talented and passionate people to join our team as Ambassadors in these positions.

  • Open-Source
  • Accessibility
  • Research
  • Community

To inspire future applicants to build on and continue a legacy, here’s a quick highlight of our previous ambassadors’ achievements:

  • David Lockie, Developed a WordPress API for Web Monetization after his Ambassadorship ended he joined Automattic as web3 lead. David's interest lie in WordPress, open source, and technology trends, especially web3.

  • Kokayi Issa, Onboarded creative technology platforms to incorporate the Interledger Protocol for Web Monetization. In addition he co-designed our Future|Money Artist Grant He is currently accepted as one of the John Guggenheim Fellows for 2023.

  • Erica Hargreave, Focused on sustainable funding solutions for digital creatives for her ambassadorship. While continuing her passion for podcasting with Story To Go and Roamancing. She continues to kick ass in the Web Monetization ecosystem to drive further adoption.

  • Hollis Wong-Wear, Is currently in the middle of her Ambassadorship and will be our liaison for the Future|Money Grant. We are very excited about all of the great work that she will be doing in the nearby future.

  • Lawil Karama, Made it her mission to find applicants for the first financial call for proposals which is rebooting today! She was onboarded as a Program officer for the Interledger Foundation.

About the Interledger Foundation
The Interledger Foundation (ILF) will increase its thrust to build equitable pathways to financial inclusion by advancing open payment standards through digital outreach and participation. We believe that financial inclusion is a right, not a privilege and that financial systems should work for everyone, everywhere. We are stewards of the Interledger Protocol or ILP, an open standard, built on the interconnectivity of the web to create an open payments network, making all systems and services interoperable, inclusive and accessible.
We are building a community of creators and innovators to realize a future where how you earn or share money and where you live do not impact the financial services you can access. We recognise the critical role of our Ambassadors have in reflecting the voice of communities, excluded from systems that do not serve them.

We have planned multiple office hour sessions, you can register for the first one one June 28th, 1 PM EST/ 7PM CEST here
We invite you to join to ask your questions or queries regarding the grant opportunity.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming office hours and other grant opportunity on the Interledger Foundation’s website and community forum.

If you have any questions, All are welcome to the Interledger Slack or contact us at

We look forward to receiving your application!

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