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Update on the ILP-enabled Financial Services Cohort

The ILP-enabled Financial Services grantees are wrapping up their respective projects.

Phase 1: Research & Development of the June 2022 Call for Proposal resulted in twelve projects being funded to conduct extensive research for the development of consumer-facing services that will activate as ILP nodes on the network; with the following outputs: a business plan for becoming a financial node on the Interledger network, a technology plan on how the project will use the Interleger Protocol and/or open payments technologies,; and to demonstrate an understanding of the requirements to obtain a money transmitter license in the chosen region(s) of operations.

As we strive to keep our community informed on the progress of our grantees, we are pleased to showcase updates received from each project at our recently held Sprint Check-In & Exchange sessions. Here's the deck of slides showcasing the 5-minute update provided by each project.

The grantees have started to submit their final reports. We will do our very best in highlighting the great work done to date. Check out the following final submissions received from the following entities:

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We invite you to review and leave your comments, questions or queries. Stay tuned for more final reports being posted over the next few months.

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