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Your Monthly Roundup is Here!

February may be a short month, but we've been pretty busy!

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F|M Podcast is live! Have you listened to the latest episodes?

If not, you can listen now to episodes with our guests Future Money grantees MIA WRIGHT-ROSS and Xiaoji Song.

In our second episode, we talked with Mia Wright Ross who is an Artist, leather artisan, designer, educator, and entrepreneur. We discussed her artwork, “Loose Change (Chains)”, a community-based project that reimagines the financial structure by which a litter of lottery tickets is used to question the theologies of money, wealth, gain, loss, and hope that persist through systems that prevail within the history and legacy of the US lottery system.

Parallel Society - YouTube

'For me, art is for building the infrastructure of imagination.' Tune in to our latest FM Podcast featuring Xiaoji Song


For episode three of this series, we converse with XiaoXiao, also known as Xiaoji Song. She is an artist, writer, and researcher currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her work centers around community-specific experiences, influenced by texts, games, and performances. These experiences often touch on topics such as migration, techno-politics, and the performative aspect of political memory, particularly their relevance to global phenomena. In this episode, we will delve into her work "Parallel Society….

You can find these F|M podcast episodes streaming on @Castopod, to listen visit Future Money Podcast

Digital Money Blog Series

In this bi-monthly Digital Money Blog Series written by Julaire Hall, ILF Program Officer, the hope is to spark conversations and welcome commentary from members within the Interledger Foundation ecosystem on themes, including but not limited to, digital money, financial inclusion, instant payment systems, and topical matters relating to digital financial services. I’m sure some of these topics are of interest to you.

In the second installment The Future of Banking and Payments is Digital of this blog series Julaire notes…

Despite the digitization of certain processes in traditional banks, I find it ironic that one has to go in-branch to open an account in some territories, and then sign up for electronic banking to be able to access digital banking services.

You can read the full post here.

Future Money Grantee The Waterworks of Money shares progress and updates on their project

Carlin Kingma writes…

The project is taking a flight. After a year in which we exhibited the animations and future scenarios that we made with the support of ILF at the Venice Biennial in the Dutch Pavilion and at the Kunstmuseum The Hague, the work will now travel to the Boijmans Depot in May 2024.

In October 2023, the project was awarded two prizes: The Dutch Design Awards (category Design Research) and the Amsterdam Prize for the Arts.

Also, last month a documentary has come out about the making-of The Waterworks of Money at the IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam) and has ended up in the top ten (out of 102 movies screened). This documentary will now appear in multiple theaters throughout the Netherlands and will screen on national television in June '24, hopefully propelling this important subject.

To learn more about this artwork, visit the link and leave a comment or question.

Five Key Tech Policy Meetings of 2024

ILF Fellow Ayden Férdeline shares a curated list of five pivotal meetings being held in 2024, each with potential implications for the future of seamless payments and the broader Interledger ecosystem.

Ayden notes...

The Internet governance dance card gets fuller every year as each stakeholder group adds its own meetings on various issues to the mix.

For the Interledger community in particular, staying abreast of these meetings is crucial, as decisions made in these political and technical forums can influence protocols, standards, and policies that affect the viability of cross-ledger transactions, interoperability, and the security and resilience of the global Internet.

To find out more about these policy meetings, hit the link above for details.

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From gFam

Hi everyone!

We're still working with to see if we can drive more traffic to our community's posts and tutorials in order to generate more advertising revenue to be shared amongst all creators.

We also share every possible metric and analytic, so if you like data, graphs and numbers, jump on in...

Have questions or need support, leave a note under gFam’s post.

Missed this month’s Interledger Community Call, meeting minutes and recording are now available

Here is a recap of our 14 February, 2024, Interledger Community Call with Meeting Notes and links to recordings.

Notes, Recording and Podcast
Watch Meeting recording on Youtube.
[Listen to the Podcast for free on SoundCloud] here.(
Public note taking document here

Thanks for reading, we'll back next month with new blog posts, podcast episodes, community updates, and more!

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