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Your Weekly Roundup!

We end the week with a few highlights from our community and Interledger Foundation.

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Interested in applying for the Future|Money Art & Culture Grant

We have one more office hours sessions coming up for the Future|Money Art & Culture Grant.

March 22, 2023 at 10:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm PST

You can register here

This is an excellent opportunity to drop in to ask questions you may have about this open call for proposals. We encourage you to attend.

FUTURE|MONEY is the first in our new Arts & Cultural stream of awards, which we call Inti/vations. “Inti/vations” is a portmanteau of intention and innovation, centered on the idea that intention exists within the creative core, acting as a catalyst for empathy to evoke positive human reaction. Through empathic, intentional expressions of a financially inclusive future, new systems of economic justice can emerge through the liminal scenarios created.
As a prompt, we ask that proposed pieces consider themes for the future, like decentralization, pan-border interconnectivity, financial services that work for people, and new cultural understandings of the fluidity of money.

So what does all that mean?
The goal is to provide substantive and robust support for underrepresented artists, including Black, Latina/o/x, Indigenous, AAPI, PoC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and income-challenged artists of all disciplines, understanding that artists need the ability to access unrestricted resources to continue or create new work, purchase supplies or equipment, need support to make everyday life earlier, and most importantly to elevate their careers which assists in raising their profile within the local and global communities that interact with their work.

You can apply for this open call for proposals at

The deadline for submissions is The application is open until Friday, March 24, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST.

MozFest 2023

For the third year in a row, festival tickets are pay-what-you-can in order to offer access to everyone, regardless of financial means.
It's up to you to decide if you can fill in €0 or €100. However Mozilla festival relies on your donations to carry out their mission to help keep the Web open and free – your support goes a long way.

Mozilla Festival Program - is LIVE with 162 interactive discussions, 125 workshops, 25 Art & Media installations, 32 lightning talks, and 21 social moments, you can view the schedule here:

You can secure your ticket for the festival here

Community Update

Gabriel Tomonari for PipeWebMonetization shares updates on buidling a robust and scalable back end

To build a robust and scalable back end for Pipe, we chose to use AWS Lambda with Node serverless functions. AWS Lambda is a popular choice for building serverless back ends because it allows us to run code in response to events, without the need to manage server infrastructure. This makes it easy to scale the back end as our user base grows, and ensures that we only pay for the resources we use.

You can read more at the link about PipeWebMonetization’s process, set up of the database and batching payment events.

The Grantee Report

Addis Future Lab’s project - Digital Gojo sought to experiment and explore pathways to bring Web Monetization to the creative Ethiopian community.

addis futures

They have successfully launched the DG’s premier content offering, Fun with Fidel, a tool for school-age children to learn Fidel (the Ethiopian Alphabet with Ethiopic/ Ge'ez script), and are currently expanding their user base. The project was also represented and featured in various community events.

Read the full report to get further details on their plans to market the platform.

ILF Tech Update

If you missed last week’s Interledger Community Call, you can find the notes and recording here.

Interledger Foundation (ILF) updates by Chris is attendance at The Mojaloop PI-21 OSS Community Meeting in Rwanda along with grantees ThistaWorks and the People’s Clearinghouse. Engagement with Igalia to put Web Monetization into Chromium this month. Details about ILF’s President & CEO Briana Marbury speaking at Blockchain Africa and more.

Interledger Developer Meetup and Rafiki v1 Alpha launch Cape Town 2023

If you’re in South Africa, attend the ILF Developer Meetup and Rafiki v1 Alpha launch on 23 March 2023 at Innovation City Cape Town.

Read more and register here.

Speakers include Briana Marbury, President & CEO, Interledger Foundation and Sabine Schaller, Rafiki and Panelists Adrian Hope-Baille, Founder, Fynbos, Karl Carter, Founder and CEO, Snake Nation, Senisha Moonsamy, Head of Department, TIA (Technology Innovation Agency) and Tawanda Brandon, CTO, Snake Nation.

We'll be back with more updates next week!

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