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Your Weekly Roundup

This week, everything you need to know about

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This is an experiment to see how the creative minds of the MozFest Community can apply the Web Monetization Standard to their MozFest resources and assets to raise money for an Internet Health initiative of their choosing, inclusive of their own work. The sooner you get involved the greater the potential rewards from the experiment, including the potential to be featured in the MozFest Web Monetization Galleries.

Every MozFest attendee will receive a 6-month pre-paid Coil account* stocked with $10 US worth of tips to use on Web Monetized resources and assets at MozFest, in addition to $5 US / month of micropayments to stream to Web Monetized resources and assets that you spend time on each month.

To learn more, click the link to watch Erica Hargreave’s video on this grand experiment.


The best way to join the experiment is to get a MozFest ticket. This gets you on the mailing list for the Coil accounts with tipping. Tickets are 'Pay what you can'. Feel free to use award funds to purchase a ticket, and if you are unable to contribute much at this time, know that the Interledger Foundation is supporting the festival as a top-level sponsor.

MozFest is awesome and having a ticket gives you access to amazing sessions, experiences, and resources.

Don't forget to check out the MozFest schedule and sign up to attend sessions.


Be an advocate
We want MozFest attendees to see the results of this experiment in real-time, so we are looking for dynamic content creators we can highlight. You'll need to have a payment pointer, content that's relevant to the festival that you can web monetize, and the willingness to publicly share how much you are earning as part of the tipping experiment throughout the festival. In return, we'll point attendees towards you and your work. If interested let us know in the comments or email us.

Feature your content
There are potentially 1000s of people ready to stream and tip Web Monetized projects and content. This is a great opportunity to prepare your site, platform, and content to welcome these new Web Monetized consumers. Add your payment pointer to the community space if you haven't done so already. We will be pointing festival attendees to this space, which will feature participant content, community resources, and will help participants understand and experiment with Web Monetization using their Coil credits.

Already involved with MozFest?
Also if you are going to be presenting at MozFest, please drop a link to your session in the comments below, so we can share it. And if you are not presenting, but would like to, there are opportunities to share informal events at MozFest with Gradual. Let us know below, so that we can loop you in.

We hope you're as excited as we are about watching this experiment unfold!


MozFest Community Call
If you missed it last week, you can watch it now to get more information and to hear what we'll be up to at MozFest

Monetize your resources
We have provided a guide here to learn how to become a Web Monetization Content Producer in 3 Units.

To begin, start with Unit 1. This is an introduction to the Web Monetization Standard, the philosophies behind it in building towards a more equitable web, the basics to how it works, the opportunities it presents, and current challenges that it faces

Create & Share Your Action Plan
You can create and share your action plan here in our Community Forem of what Web Monetized Resources and Assets you are going to share at MozFest, so that we can add these to the Galleries.

Social Benefit Payment Pointers

Here is a list of social benefit organizations and projects that have set a payment pointer. New entries will be continually added so bookmark this page and check back often.
If you have not set up your own payment pointer yet, consider choosing one from the list below and adding it to your profile.


Find out here how to activate your free Coil trial, install the Coil browser extension & find a web monetized site to tip, and how your tip transfers from your coil account to a digital wallet.

Want to know how payment pointers stream payments and tips

Are you curious which payment pointer your streaming payments and tips are being directed to? There's an easy way to find out. Clink the link to learn more.

And MozFest is on Slack!

You can join here to ask questions and get updates.

See you next week at MozFest!

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