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MG.Social Challenge: Giving Back

Today we launched our latest MG.Social challenge which is all about giving back for the Holidays. We wanted to show our gratitude to the members of the web monetization community who have supported our platform throughout the year, and also to raise money for a worthy cause: St Jude Children's Hospital.

You can read more about the details of our challenge on our Coil blog here:

In addition to raising money for St. Jude and encouraging members of our community to find ways to #GiveBack, one of the main goals of this challenge is to increase engagement with users who have previously signed up for an MG.Social account but who have not posted in some time.

This sort of user 'churn' is a difficult aspect of trying to launch a new social network in 2020, particularly one that requires a paid subscription to participate. The space is a crowded field with entrenched incumbents. Drawing in new users is a slow process. Having a limited audience to engage with makes it difficult to keep creators coming back to add content to the platform.

Creating and launching this platform has taught us much about just how strong the powers of the so-called 'network effect' can be!

We are hoping the challenge jump-starts the platform and gets some of our previous sign-ups to come back, see the progress we have made, and hopefully utilize MG.Social more regularly moving forward.

Any further insight from the community how we can increase engagement with our user's and keep them coming back is much appreciated!

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It's so tricky... a crowd draws a crowd. I do think regular challenges like this extremely generous one is a good way to keep people checking in. The more activity on the site the more people will check back in... until it becomes THE place to be.

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Mathew Safford

The challenge participants, winner and amount raised have been added to the Coil post.