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MG.Social: New web app is live!

We have launched our redesigned MG.Social web app which can be found at Web.MG.Social.

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We will continue to update the app and add additional features.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and followed along with the process of getting the new web app developed and launched!

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Radhy • Edited


By the way, the website somehow crashing for me when I tried to signing in with Coil account (I don't have account previously since the sign up link directed to Coil site I thought I could directly login with Coil Oauth). I could only remove cookies to get back to state before I logged on with Coil Oauth.

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gFam • Edited

It's so good! I love the new look and feel... I love love love the ability to filter on your friends list in the feed. It's such an incredible feature!

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Mathew Safford

Thanks, glad you like it! Will will continue to update the web app, make further improvements and add more features.