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MG.Social mobile app update: Location services

Since our last update we have added the following features to our MG.Social mobile app currently in development:

  1. A new login screen with the MG.Social logo and the 'Sign in with Coil' button.

  2. 'Likes' are now working on News Feed postings within the app.

  3. Location services are working within the app and you can set the location of a posting.

  4. A (currently non functional) tip button has been added to postings for Xumm tipping.

You can see the last video update for our MG.Social mobile app on our Cinnamon Video page here

We look forward to sharing our next update with you!

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Staff User • Edited

Just a heads up that there’s a built-in way for folks to link up posts in a series in case you'd like to link this to previous posts!

First, check out which editor version you're using from settings > ux β€” just scroll down to the heading "Writing" and look to see if it says "basic markdown" or "rich + markdown".

If "basic markdown", you need to add a line in the front matter that specifies your post is part of a series and then give the series a title, like so: example of adding "series: WHATEVER THE NAME OF YOUR SERIES IS CALLED" to front matter

If "rich + markdown", you must click on the gear icon at the bottom of the screen beside "Save draft" and then input your series into the available box.

Note: in both cases, your series won't show up as a series until more than one post have been posted under it.

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Mathew Safford

Thank you for the tip!