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Dr. Carol JVF Burns
Dr. Carol JVF Burns

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Randomly block content; unlock with COIL

I started monetizing my web pages in January 2021 with COIL, and have tried a lot of ways to expose my users to COIL, web monetization, issues that web creators face, ...

Thought I'd share my newest adventure. I'm randomly blocking my lessons: each day, there's about a 50% chance that you'll see (or not see) a lesson. A COIL membership unlocks ALL the lessons. This way, no one in the world is denied any content, but people who aren't COIL users may have to exercise some patience (as in: wait a day, try again).

Also, I'm in the process of giving users yet another way to unlock content: "buying" an individual lesson through PayGo. (They're on a mission to save the news, and have a wonderful ongoing experiment with Dan Rather.) My plan is to unlock my lessons at prices ranging from 1 penny per lesson in Algebra I, to 4 cents per lesson for Precalculus.

I'd be very interested in hearing from other people with COIL-monetized web pages about your success (or lack of) in earning money on your web-monetized pages! I sure haven't (yet!) been successful in getting my users COIL-monetized, but I'm having fun trying.

Here's my first lesson, if you want to see "for real" what I'm doing. If you're COIL-monetized, then you'll need to turn OFF your COIL extension to see the blocking behavior! (Because, of course, the content is NOT blocked for COIL users!) And, you might have to click through a few lessons before you find one blocked, because the blocking is ... random ...

First lesson: Expressions versus Sentences

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Chris Lawrence

This is very cool, love your playful experimentation! We blogged about the results of our charity payment pointers on this site here