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CAPTCHA Monetization β€” Grant Report #1

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This is a screenshot of the ycaptcha interface when applying for the workshop.

Project Update

The project is progressing well. All the objectives are achievable using current technology.
The ycaptcha system has been modified to allow for both keyboard and on-screen character input. The web monetization API has been integrated with the ycaptcha system and tested. A workshop is holding soon with web developers to promote web monetization and test the developed system.

Progress on objectives

The main objective of this work is to monetize a captcha system for online web transactions. The ycaptcha system has been integrated with the web monetization API. The results show promise and applicability. The integration will be further tested at the workshop using various web browsers such as Puma and those with coil extensions.

Data collection of interaction with ycaptcha is being done as users apply for the workshop. The data using monetized browsers will be collected at the workshop.
A usability survey will be carried out using the workshop participants. Several monetized ycaptcha instances will be presented for solving and a survey will be conducted at the end of the challenge.

A workshop is being planned for participants on 20-21 May 2022 in Ibadan, Oyo State. A number of people have requested for virtual participation. A separate virtual workshop may be conducted.

Key activities

The project has been able to integrate the ycaptcha with the web monetization API. A website has been created to test the ycaptcha system.
A test has been done to see the web monetization of the ycaptcha at work. More tests using participants at the workshop will provide data for analysis.
The ycaptcha system is stored in github. Modifications have been made to it to allow the use of both the standard keyboard and on-screen keys for input into the ycaptcha system.
A workshop is the next key activity to be done in this project.

Communications and marketing

A press release was done in the newspaper about the award given to Edanuso Consult by Grant for the Web. A social media campaign was done to get participants for the workshop. Flyers were designed and printed for distribution across Oyo State, Nigeria. Radio jingles were also aired over a number of days to sensitize people about the workshop. Short video clips are yet to be of the monetized ycaptcha in action.

What’s next?

A workshop for web developers will be holding on 20 May 2022 at Ibadan, Oyo State. The workshop will see participants integrating the CAPTCHA system and web monetization API into a website. The operation of the monetization ecosystem will be evaluated.

What community support would benefit your project?

The Community support required now is to help us interact with the yCAPTCHA test website using coil accounts. The url ( will be available from 20 May 2022.

Additional comments

Edanuso Consult is looking more ways to integrate the yCAPTCHA into online web authentication systems.

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Chris Lawrence

Very interesting report. @seyiosunade_219 what do you think is the use case for this once its working and web developers can use it?