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Uchi Uchibeke
Uchi Uchibeke

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Project Showcase at the Web Monetization Workshop

Following the announcement of the Web Monetization Workshop yesterday, I want to share more details here and invite teams to showcase their project at the July 28 Showcase session.

As you know, the Web Monetization workshop this year is hosted by Coil in support of the maintainers of the Web Monetization and it's next phase.

Some key points about Showcase:

  • The demos will be pre-recorded with a live Question and Answer
  • Spots are limited
  • It is open to projects in a wide variety of areas including research, product, content and more
  • Feedback as part of the demo is encouraged as the purpose of the workshop is improve the Web Monetization spec by to collecting, discussion and implementing feedback and discuss them on Day 2, July 29, 2021.

Want to showcase your project? Send me a direct message or reply to this and I will reach out.

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ericahargreave profile image
Erica Hargreave

Love that you and Coil are organizing this, Uchi.

uchibeke profile image
Uchi Uchibeke

Thank you, Erica.

dresus profile image
Dre Ngare

This is an awesome opportunity. Can't wait!