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Uchi Uchibeke
Uchi Uchibeke

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Web Monetization Workshop Showcase Discussion

Hi all, thank you for joining the Web Monetization Workshop Showcase session at 8am PDT with a Replay at 3pm PDT on July 28, 2021.

Please, use the comment section to connect with the Developers, Designers and other Presenters. Also, share feedback, ask questions and connect with others below.

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Michiel de Jong

Link to collaboration repo for Solid-related Web Monetization projects:

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Erica Hargreave • Edited

Enjoyed sharing and learning about what everyone is working on this morning.

For anyone interested in our Sustainable Funding Series that we are building, it can be found here:

If you want to be on the series, please reach out.

We are also building a library of Web Monetization Resources here: and Web Monetized Content here:

These are meant to be dynamic, living libraries, so send us what we are missing and new resources / content, as they are created.

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This was a great showcase! I highly recommend anyone who's intrigued by the new Call for Proposals but isn't quite sure how to incorporate Web Monetization to check this out. Lots of different applications....

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Ashvin Parameswaran • Edited

What are the Github Links to the Monet capabilities repo? Also the link to the Monet docs? This was from the talk with Matt Mankins.

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Matt Mankins

Hi, we have a new update coming soon, but here are the links to the current version:

One of the changes coming up is a element that should make it easier to make content premium.

Let me know if I can help further.

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Catalina Goanta

What a great showcase! I really gotta speak to WAAG :)